Victoria High School
4-year general language gymnasium offering the option of completing the IB diploma. With no compromises between academic growth and extracurricular activities. All this in a natural, friendly, and stress-free environment. Together, we have created conditions for all students to fulfill their big dreams.
ART Econ
ART ECON is a group of secondary and higher vocational schools that focus on the integration of art and economics, theory and practice, and the comprehensive development of individuals through modernly crafted educational programs.
JK Education
As part of our collaboration, we assist talented students from partner schools of JK Education in finding suitable schools combined with sports.
SEDPO Education
In collaboration with Sedpo Education, we assist with selecting suitable high schools, universities, and sports teams in Scandinavia.
MIlwaukee School of Engineering
Top 11 university in the USA focused on engineering, nursing, and business.