Mar 16, 2020

My name is Nick DiLisi, I am from the United States. I have been playing Ice Hockey for almost 15 years now and I am currently playing in Europe.

I attended Wyoming Seminary Prep School in Kingston, Pennsylvania where I graduated in 2017 before going to play Junior Hockey for a season. I had a couple of opportunities at the NCAA DIII level before deciding it was best for me to continue my playing career abroad in Europe.

I decided that attending Prep School was the right environment for me because I needed a place where I could not only improve myself as a hockey player in all areas of my game to reach the next level, but develop myself as a student and work on my weaknesses in the classroom as I was not able to get the proper resources or help back home as to play elite hockey you had to make some big sacrifices with schooling.

During my time at Wyoming Seminary, I met some of my best-friends and teammates who I still keep in touch with everyday and go to visit in both Europe and Canada. I also had the opportunity to meet friends and live with people from all around the world in places I never thought I would imagine meeting someone from. I also was able to discover new interests and try new things as during my Senior Year I had the opportunity to take a robotics class which I found very interesting and fun getting to know and learn how to computer program for the robot. I also had the opportunity to take a couple of art classes and even took an Ornithology (Bird Watching) class which I never knew existed until going to SEM!

The most important takeaway from attending Wyoming Seminary was being in an environment where everyone cared and wanted the best for you and wanted to see everyone succeed in all areas and I think that is very important for students coming over from abroad where it can be very intimidating at first to go to a totally different environment where English is only spoken and the way of life and daily routine is much different than what they're used to back home.

Since 2016, I have been helping student-athletes take the next step whether that is making the jump to Junior Hockey, College Hockey, or even Professional Hockey. I agreed to help out with Men's Hockey at USA Sport & Study in 2019 to help Student-Athletes achieve their goals of playing Prep School, Junior, and ultimately College Hockey.

I find it important to find players who possess strong character and work-ethic and want to achieve success. In today's game, there are SO MANY talented players but not enough spots. My job is to help student-athletes identify opportunities at the next level that will not only help develop them as students and hockey players, but more importantly, develop them in areas of life outside of the classroom, weight room, and ice rink.

I look forward to helping all of you talented ice hockey players reach the next step in your academic and hockey career!